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     When it comes to your home, how often do you consider your roofs health? Many homeowners neglect their roofs and think they will last forever. Truth is, they don't. Your roof can become very frail extremely fast.

     Roof leaks and cave-in’s can cause costly damage and lead to expensive repair work do to the unsafe working environment created by a dangerous roof. Think ahead, put it in the plan, keep your home healthy.

~ Ways to Tell if you're in Need of a New Roof ~

  • Sagging: If your roof has begun to sag, then you will need to replace it.
  • Dark Spots are a sign of water damage. A leaking roof is not a good roof!
  • Shingle Curling as a sign of wear on asphalt shingle roof. And will need repaired soon.

     We offer top-notch craftsmanship and roofing skills that has built a company you can trust, refer, and use again. We provide free estimates for our customers and help them make an expert decision of their service options available.Pratte` Construction is committed to providing you with a professional, reliable service and use the highest quality tools, supplies, and materials available. Each project is unique to meet our customers needs. Put our team to work for you today!

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Pratte Construction is committed to providing a professional, reliable service and use only high quality products.

Our 1 year labor warranty is our way of backing our workmanship 100%